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    Re: Bradley Beal dropping truth bombs

    Kyrie Irving dropping more truth bombs. Check out his Instagram video. Much respect for the man.

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    Re: Bradley Beal dropping truth bombs

    Quote Originally Posted by Willbacker View Post
    Medical has come a long way but the ethics...... why are you so sure about that? There's been black markets in the past for baby parts and maybe still so but to just blindly believe science hasn't used none of this and they're only going on a cell line from 1973 sounds a little farfetched. Not saying it's not true cuz I don't know but all the lies we've been fed gives me pause and like Greg said why is nobody even testing for natural immunity and just mandating a jab. Also you have fallen into the trap of believing people being against mandates as being opposed/anti vax.
    My son is working on his MD/PhD. I read stuff. I didn't say everything is perfect, but it has come a long way. As I underrstand it, it used to be that medical testing operated with far fewer standards in the west (and in America)


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