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    Re: When will it end?

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    Yeah. I think the older demographic is more likely to cancel their seats over it. My suspicion is my age group is less concerned over the politics, but either can't afford psls or life gets in the way. I could probably afford the tickets if I tried to budget for it, but finding a sitter for my wife and I to go out all day would be tough

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    Iím a little disappointed in the Ravens after the first game. We have so many thugs and murderers in Baltimore and not one was taped to the front of anyoneís helmet. Why?

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    Re: When will it end?

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    I won't all-out argue with this as I sold my PSLs a few years ago. Getting up in age and every home game with tailgating, while enjoyable, was getting to be a bit much. However, there is nothing like being in the stadium for great games with great crowds. I believe the political crap has caused a good number to not go AND NOT WATCH ON TV. The lower ratings on TV belie your point being the main reason. A contributor, yes, but I know a number of people around my age that just got sick of the crap.
    I am close to aging out myself, Greg...but you are right: last night (like many, many games from years past) was magical.


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