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    54 game losing streak? It can happen!

    Will the Orioles lose out the rest of the way and lose 54 straight to finish the season? Starting to think it's possible!

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    Re: 54 game losing streak? It can happen!

    Wouldn’t mind seeing the Orioles’ current losing streak set a new club AND AL record. Then Brandon Hyde would replace Frank Robinson as a much more appropriate manager of that record. In 1988, Frank replaced Cal Ripken Sr. when the Orioles began 0-8 and went on to lose 13 more. Sadly, few remember that Frank’s 1989 Orioles ALMOST became the first MLB team to go from last place to first place in 100 years.

    Of course, that won’t happen. It is extremely rare when poetic justice ever happens on a ball field - especially in the modern era where greed rules.



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