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    Re: Election Fraud in Georgia

    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad the lad View Post
    Was there ever a doubt?

    Give it 12 months and the Biden admin will be claiming that Trump was caught adding votes. And cnn will run it like it is fact. And Facebook will fact check anyone that questions it.

    99% of the Biden voters donít care about fraud or facts, as long as they believe they are right, or hear it on cnn, they are cool. Kinda like the captain going down with the ship. Or the frog in the boiling water. Liberals are not quick enough to know they are destroying things they depend on, until it is gone
    Actually, I equate it to football fans rooting for their teams, say like the Patriots. In their heart they know the Patriots cheated, but either defend it or don't care because their team won.

    Politics are so divisive now it is at that point. Unfortunately for us, the stakes here are much, much higher.

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    Re: Election Fraud in Georgia

    Quote Originally Posted by blah3 View Post
    The people who didnít believe there was fraud still wont believe there was fraud
    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaBasedFan View Post
    Well, if it was fraud and not error then there are only what...12,500 more to find. Those in power have said all along not enough issues to effect the outcome. Now that said, finding an error/fraud whatever it was of a seemingly significant amount would seem grounds to review all 147,000.

    On another election related note. Ive been checking to see if any here were going to comment on the fact that Texas expended 22,000 man hours in addition to what what done as a matter of normal procedure to find 16 possible cases of voter fraud in their election. Seems all 16 were people who failed to properly do a change of address prior to voting. No charges are being filed.

    Appears like a great expenditure of a couple million dollars by a state that cant even to keep their electrical grid functioning. Really seems to point out a dire need to tighten up those state voting laws to prevent fraud.


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