In 2021, same as 2019, Trey is NOT selected as an All Star. With all due respect to John Means (2019) and Cedric Mullins (2021), Mancini’s numbers warranted recognition as an Oriole. Perhaps his two best seasons in the majors will always be unappreciated. He has been denied that honor TWICE.

Trey, to his credit, isn’t complaining. But the Orioles organization should have. And being invited to the home run contest is ‘lip service’ in accordance with MLB self-promoting greed. They used Trey’s battle and comeback from colon cancer as a marketing ploy. Especially in 2021, don’t those morons realize how difficult it is to miss all of last season and post the numbers he has this year?

It is just a matter of time before Mancini is traded away. Most likely he will make it to a future All Star game - but not in a Baltimore uniform.