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    Re: What progress do you want to see in 2021/2022?

    I'd like to get to the playoffs and NOT have the offense stall out because the other team successfully schemed to take away the middle of the field. We must make other teams pay and not rely on Lamar's legs to bail us out. Hopefully in those moments, Watkins and/or Bateman step up.

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    Re: What progress do you want to see in 2021/2022?

    For the love of god, If the offense puts up another shit performance in the post season (assuming we make it) I'm gonna punt a baby. I'm not talking about the yards as they have put up good numbers there, but they were just playing sloppy and looked like they didn't wanna be there. If we show up and get outplayed, I can handle that, but if it's anything like the bills game, nope. Unacceptable

    No excuses this year as Roman has acknowledged the change needed and adding two decent weapons in Watkins and Bateman.

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