All major countries pegged their currency to the US dollar after the Bretton Woods agreement after WW2, when the dollar was backed by gold.

One generation later, the US abandoned the gold standard in 1971 after countries started raiding the US gold vaults in exchange for US dollars, see:

Take 10 minutes and scroll down that website. Look at those charts.

American families used to survive on one income comfortably, not anymore.

There is no new virus as far as we know today (4/30/2021), the notion there's a new virus is based on 4 studies who claimed the virus was isolated, but it never was:

Covid-19 failed all 4 Koch's postulates and Thomas Rivers' criteria:

The RT-PCR test procedure was condemned by Kary Mullis, the founder of RT-PCR. Research this.

Germ theory is a fallacy, the masks mean nothing, the distancing means nothing, it's all about control.