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    Re: Some ravens practicing in Arizona.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mmcclend View Post
    Got mad? Youíre the only one emotionally invested in Boykin to the point where youíve gotten mad. Iíve just disagreed with you. How is disagreeing being a troll? You think Boykin is good, I think heís ass. Itís as simple as that.

    He should be there because he needs the most work. 2 years in a row your boy didnít show up to build chemistry with Lamar.
    Lol, nah maybe youíre mad? I just want what people post to accurately match what happened, ya know?

    I couldnít careless what you think of Boykin, you can think he sucks BUT if you invent reasons that arenít true to justify your opinion that are provably false then donít fall to pieces when you get corrected.

    And, like I said Boykin should be there.
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