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    Where is the real news?

    James O'Keefe from Project Veritas seems to get the truth out. I've been following their updates a few months. They produce photos of the immigration facility in Texas and the very next day said facility suddenly becomes (slightly) more friendly to the media. Today they shed even more light, revealing they are processing people under a bridge, leaving them to lay in the dirt. Sad to see. But good for everyone to see in my opinion.

    Where else are bits of real news popping up? Am I wrong and PV sucks?

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    Re: Where is the real news?

    Journalism died during the bush years. They converted to a full blown arm of the DNC durning Obama. Tom browkaw said it beat the night Obama won. After a year long election cycle, Tom actually said, we don’t know Obama. We haven’t asked the tough questions

    Journalism went from an arm of the DNC during Obama, to running the agenda for the DNC during Trump. No, they run the DNC. They give questions to the left before debates and pressers. They didn’t ask a single pressing question about Biden’s lies. Not one journalist as asked about Biden’s health issues. They don’t care, because they run things.


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