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I dont play the political game as much as I do just being a decent human being. It’s like why and where in life did things happen that they believed that acting this way is ok? It’s sad

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You have to let that roll off your back a little. I've gotten less prickly about that sort of thing as I've gotten older for which I'm grateful. You can't control other peoples irrational responses to normal cordial behavior. You just have to ignore it. Engaging in it emotionally just makes it worse.

Reminds me of a funny story about my sister in law pissing off a mother and her three teen girls at a laundromat in Rehoboth a few years ago and almost getting her and my wife in a throwdown. Heh heh. I'm laughing and cringing just thinking about it. The problem came when my sister in laws clueless behavior (she was hogging a cart to fold out of when she could have dumped her clothes on a table and given it up for someone else to use) got the womens ire pointed at her and then it spilled over onto my wife. The woman with the teen girls was wearing a bathrobe and made the mistake of directing some of her ire directly at my wife who, of course, did what my wife does and returned a withering verbal salvo.

It went something like "You need to show some f***ng respect b**** blah blah" to which my wife, who is 5'10" and solidly built turned as she was leaving and replied, "I sure as hell don't respect someone standing around in a laundromat in their bathrobe at 1PM in on a Monday. I think that "activated" the teen girls and as they left there was quite a bit of commotion and head bobbing and cursing going on behind them Ha ha.

My wife is a coast guard brat and when they were stationed in New Orleans specifically chose to go to public school rather than attend a private and she tells stories about how she was way in the minority and that she had to have attitude. Just horrible stories about getting groped and goosed and "white girl" this and that etc.. She said running track got her some friends and respect and she did fine there.