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Australia has no virus in all the states, except Queensland. Queensland are currently in a 3 day lockdown to identify ALL carriers (10 so far) and isolate them. This will be the eighth recent short term lockdown in an Australian State. Each time it was to eliminate the virus. Once this outbreak is contained, the virus will be eliminated in Australia again.
Previously the virus rate got to 700/day in Melbourne and they did a few month lockdown to get it to 0.

75,000 people attend football games, grandparents visit grandkids, life is almost back to pre-covid.

Sweden tried isolating the at risk population and it didnít work, as asymptomatic people spread the virus to the vulnerable.
Sweden had the 23rd lowest annual excess deaths out of 30 European countries, including France, Spain and the UK. So in contrast to that last line there, it DID work. In doing so they mitigated unemployment mortality figures which I've repeatedly stated is 40k/1% U3 increase.

Sweden did this correctly. It's the authoritarians who will have a hard time admitting so for obvious reasons.