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Bought NIO July 40 options a few weeks ago back in the 30s. Done well, up about 9k. Ought to lock in profit but letting it all ride as hopefully expecting an explosion in price soon now that chip shortage is apparently easing up. Should boost sales.
Also - for those that believed in me when I said buy BNTX when it was in the low 90s...you're welcome. Expecting well over 300 per share by Sept/Oct.
Also for those that like a volatile gamble. Buy Oct 250 NVAX calls. I stand to lose 10k but may make 50 to 100k as if approved it will shoot well over 300 by Sept.
Saw where the market looked this a.m. and sold all my NIO and FSLY calls, even the ones extending to Sept. About a 140% return in 3 weeks. Would love to buy more calls if those sink by a few dollars more.