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    Please read if you are having difficulty logging in or posting.

    We understand that several members have been experiencing a firewall message when trying to log in, or post.

    It took a bit of digging but we have whitelisted two URL paths in the firewall settings which should alleviate this nonsense.

    If this still is happening to you, please forward to me the full URL that shows up in your browser when a request is blocked and your IP address which will show up in the message you receive when you are blocked.

    We'll be able to review things further with that information.

    Sorry about the hassle. Thanks for hanging in there with us. We'll get it fixed.

    Admin Steve :uk:
    Screwing up Ravens message boards since 1999.

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    Thumbs up Re: Please read if you are having difficulty logging in or posting.

    Thanks, Steve. It's worth the price to be able to post here.

    Colonel Whitehead (picture below) once said, "a woman doesn't mind going through some brush to get to a picnic."

    Carry on! ... Bc


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