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    MASN cuts talent

    "MASN will not be renewing the contracts of Gary Thorne, Mike Bordick, Tom Davis, Rick Dempsey, Jim Hunter or Dave Johnson."

    A couple of these guys I won't miss, but I thought Thorne was very good. Reminds me of Jon Miller getting canned. I'm surprised to see Dempsey go.

    MASN also cut some of the Nationals broadcast staff.

    One of the nice things about baseball is being able to listen, intently or in passing, on any night to familiar voices you felt were friends, whether you knew them personally or not. Disappointing to see.

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    Re: MASN cuts talent

    This is the nail in the coffin of the Orioles for me. All those names were people who seemed passionate about the Os and hence made the viewer feel some of that. Given the ineptitude of the front office and the seemingly indifference to putting a quality product on the field I am done with the Os. Maybe not baseball entirely, but the Os can go pound sand.
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    Re: MASN cuts talent

    For me the nail was when they stopped giving fans a few free broadcast tv games a month. That was a slap in the face and basically said "if you're too poor for cable we don't want you as a fan".


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