Do you guys who hate the Orange man who's mean and tweets to much realize the difference between his caring about our country first and Biden's already America hating destructive actions which not one benefits any citizen of the United States.

Hope no one gets hurt by all the criminal illegals Ice just had to release. Over 14,000 into the community.
Have any family who pays to heat their home or gas to get to work. Prices on home heating oil rising already. The price for gas will hit $6 or more with a ban on new leases for energy production. Sure the solar panels and windmills an somehow attach to your current vehicle.
Do you care about to the families of the 70,000 that lost their jobs because the our great leader Biden killed a pipeline that helps keep us of foreign oil and those blood for oil wars.
That's just the tip of the iceberg for job losses. But look at all those new jobs in renewable energy, I'm sure they'll be enough to make up for it.LOL!!!!
How about trying to get a job for many after the country gets flooded with illegal immigrants that Biden somehow thinks are legal, but never went through the actual laws to come here. I guess only wonderful America loving people cross a wide open border. Of course there are no criminals in the bunch. Those 220,000 violent crimes committed by illegals doesn't really matter to the victims raped, murdered and assaulted. But Black lives matter.

What if a peace loving illegal accidentally on purpose kills a black person. What really matters then. I think Biden's head would explode if he had to comment on it.

Don't teach our kids any patriotic history. America is evil and we must portray it as so. A made up false 1619 project indoctrinating our peasants is much more beneficial.

Have a daughter, its fine someone can whip out their dick in the women's locker room, just shut up because if you have a problem with it you are racist and surely a extreme right wing domestic terrorist. How dare you love a man/woman marriage while, gulp, having the nerve to love this evil nation and even wear a flag. Deplorable, terrorist.

Anybody seen anything that out of this insanity by Biden that actually will help the legal citizens of this country.

Is the first week over yet

Orange man bad. Had a made up phony Russian collusion, better vote for a Nazi/Marxist combo meal