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What is it that makes Matt Stafford worth so much more than Joe Flacco?
If you ask me, I would say it comes down to several factors:

a) he's played on Lions teams that have had downright awful defenses. Therefore he was always playing from behind and is seen as having to manufacture points. This is supported by the 38 come from behind wins, 14 more than Joe, but of course Joe's Ravens were behind far less often.

b) he's played for the Lions. The reputation of that franchise alone gives him the hard-luck label, especially because his production is pretty good. I mean, he's 16 games under .500 as a starting QB and most people know he is close to the last reason why.

c) his last full lseason for the team. Compare:
Stafford - 64.2%, 4094 yards, 26 TD, 10 INT, 7.7 Y/A, 96.3 Rating
Flacco - 64.1%, 3141 yards, 18 TD, 13 INT, 5.7 Y/A, 80.4 Rating

Flacco was improved the following year but still benched for Lamar Jackson halfway through the season. That creates a bad look and memory has a recency bias.

Remember that there is quite the disparity between market value and how good players actually are - and that is why the market has inefficiencies that good teams can exploit.