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Thread: Favorite Raven?

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    Favorite Raven?

    Regardless of how long youíve been a ravens fan who is your all- time favorite raven past and present.

    Past- Mine was Ed Reed just loved the IQ for finding the damn ball and nearly took it to the house each times

    Current- J. K Dobbins the way he took the starter role and refuses to give up no matter how many players are on him.

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    Yanda! Tough as nails and a Hawkeye. (Huge Hawkeyes fan). I was rocking the Yanda jersey Sunday and will rock it again Saturday might!

  3. Re: Favorite Raven?

    All-time: Haloti Ngata (Yanda is a very close second)
    Current: Lamar Jackson, of course

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    Ray, Ray, and forever Ray. The dance, the intensity, the gladiator mentality. The way he could make 71,000 people lose their minds like no other person just by sticking his tounge out or doing a dance before playing a game. Myself and every kid my age growing up wanted to give the speech before every single youth football game just to be like him.

    Current, Lamar. I haven't seen anyone rally an entire fan base and bring back the excitement of Baltimore football both around town and inside the stadium like he has. He has brought the atmosphere of M&T Bank Stadium back to a way we haven't seen since Ray left. The Ravens feel like the Ravens again because of him. If he continues to play so well for a long period of time, and continues to be the incredible, stand up, respectful, polite man that he is, I like to imagine he will be seen similar to how Brooks and Unitas were revered in this town.
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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    All Time: Ed Reed

    Right now: LJ

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    Nice question & so many choices.
    Fav for interviews: Siragusa
    Fav for on field play (retro): Boulware
    Fav for excellence: Reeeeeeeed
    Fav for getting the crowd wild: Mr Ray Lewis

    Interview: Judon
    On field play: Andrews (son w/type 1 diabetes, so he's a fav for that reason)
    Excellence: Lamar - what a kid !

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    Tough choice; probably Reed all time and currently, Tucker.

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    All time, Reed, nobody else is even close.

    Today, Humphrey.

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    Ray, Ed, Lamar

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    Past: Buddy Lee

    Present: Pat Ricard

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    I mean Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Odgen duh.

    For me one guy who I always liked but never got any respect was Sam Adams. He was a key piece of our superbowl run and went to play for the Bills where he made this play.

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    Re: Favorite Raven?

    All-Time: Joe Flacco (Iím a UD this should come as no surprise)

    Current: Lamar Jackson (although I also have a soft spot for Nick know - Blue Hen...)

    Of course I appreciate how much incredible Ray and Ed were. But itís always been Joe for me.

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