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The left actually handled 2016 worse than Trump handled 2020. They had a contingency plan that dated back to the spring of 2016 that was designed to remove Trump should he win, as revealed by the Strzok/Page texts. They deployed spies at George Papadopoulos months before the election to entrap him with a dubious story about Putin having thousands of Hillary's emails (that was Joseph Mifsud, plus add Alexander Downer, Azra Turk, Stefan Halper and others who were all tied to our Five Eyes allies). Konstantin Kilimnik, the guy Paul Manafort shared polling data with, was a State Department asset, so all these "Russian agents" were our own friendlies. The Wikileaks emails also weren't hacked by Russia, as the CrowdStrike president admitted to the House that they had no proof. Keep in mind CrowdStrike was the U.S. intelligence's sole source for blaming Russia for the leaked emails, and they were contracted by the DNC, so they aren't a neutral party.

Later, the DNC and Hillary paid a British spy named Christopher Steele through an intermediary called Fusion GPS to create a dossier of disinformation, which was laundered to the FBI to scoop up electronic surveillance on likely thousands of Trump aides via the Carter Page FISA warrants. That allowed the Mueller team to search for any crime it could find and make indictments and try to get people to turn on one another to save their own hides. It obviously didn't work, so they went to plan B, the Ukraine phone call. Then that didn't work. Depending on how conspiratorial you are, Covid-19 arrived shortly after impeachment died in the Senate, which justified the mail ballots, which is the source of all the election fraud allegations.

So while Trump may have staged a march on the Capitol, the left actually had a contingency plan to annul Trump's victory, aided and abetted by a compliant media, and it didn't work until the 2020 election, where it worked like a charm. Enter: Biden.
I would bet that non of the lefties knew any of this. And they probably still deny it happened