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    Re: If you say it enough, it will be believed.

    Quote Originally Posted by pickles View Post
    It would be a longshot of epic proportions to get a conviction of Rudy.

    I for one have never believed the more salacious accusations about the voting machines. To the point where I've wondered whether Powell and Lin are controlled opposition, with the purpose of discrediting the fraud claims.

    It makes no sense to do it through the machines. That leaves a trail.

    We know how they cheated. We have them on video doing it. It's not a mystery.

    In urban areas in the swing states they harvested ballots, and paid people money for their ballots, and then filled it in for them. We have them on video doing just that in Omar's district, before the election.

    Then, in the cover of night, after pretending to stop counting in all those swing states, they fed those ballots into the system. We have that on tape too.

    It's not particularly ambiguous.
    Exactly 4/5 in the middle of the night basically reported at the same time voting was stopping, yet when we woke up the lead had narrowed or changed.
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    Re: If you say it enough, it will be believed.

    Quote Originally Posted by LittleG View Post
    You do understand that in many states that mail in ballots were counted after on the day ballots? This is due to the laws in those states.

    While other states, like Florida verify mail in votes when they arrive.... so early in the night, Florida was ĎBlueí. They had spent days verifying mail votes and then counted those votes before on the day votes. I was surprised early in the count, as Florida isnít going nuts / flipping anytime soon.

    IF all states did the same process as Florida, we could get results on the night!!!! That would be so much better than days later.

    I do have a problem with the mail drop boxes. The potential there was for people to extract the votes prior to the election and change them. My understanding is that there wasnít enough votes in those drop boxes to change the result. Also, that the drop boxes didnít have a significantly different ratio than other mail in ballots.

    Personally I prefer early in person voting with ID. Mail in ONLY for those who canít physically get there. For Covid, I would have relaxed the mail in rules BUT would have required a high standard of signature verifications. No sending people applications.... that is stupid.
    I think I agree with your whole post for the first time!

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