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Wow, I never noticed it before , but your right. Crazy how this got so quickly canned. As I've been here for probably at least a decade and seen threads on spiral way out of control much worse and it remained. Where was the same sort of energy so many other times? It does seem kind of funny that the moment that low IQ Dirtbag loser gets called out it's ugly mood. Where was these twitch reflexes when some of these people piled on his predecessor? Man, I really hope this site isn't being run like that for real. Though to be fair some of my friends that were much more active users did kind of lean or what you alluded to. Which is why they left and discourage others to stay away. I'm not a follower type and hadn't really noticed it in myself, but then again I am a lurker admittedly. However it we're going to play the let's cater to the far-right crap, I might have to actually look into it
I know what you mean. I've stayed away at times when this site seems to be a bit of a Alt right safe space but it seems to be one mod in particular that operates that way rather than the whole site.

Usually it's a fairly friendly place. It's only when there's a political/sport crossover thread that all these horrors creep out of the politics dungeon.