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    Orioles miss out on Kim

    Kim signs will the loaded Padres for 4 years with 28 million guaranteed. The posting fee was only $5 million dollars.

    You get a player that is ready or nearly ready to contribute in the big leagues.

    Whether a SS or a 2B, Kim would be roughly the 7th highest paid player at that position.

    My complaint here isn’t just Ha-Seong Kim and obviously have no idea if this guy will make it or not.

    My point is that the Orioles payroll is ridiculously low. Kim is a resource that likely ranks in the Padres top 2-3 prospects for the equivalent of a the 8th or so overall selection signing bonus. This is the type of place the Os should be taking a shot IMO. Rather than monies being stuffed in the pockets of the Angelos family never to be seen again.

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    Re: Orioles miss out on Kim

    Its very possible they're looking into more signing their own but we do need SS/2B and I would've liked to have seen it happen. I'd like to see Richie Martin step up to become our everyday SS until some our minor leagers are ready. 2 more years of that albatross Davis contract. Ugh!!

    Also the west coast is closer to Korea which may have played a part.

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    I’m not sure what our plan is going forward. Clearly we’re still in rebuilding mode but I actually enjoyed watching the young team. They played with excitement but we need a big name to lead by example


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