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    Lightbulb Browns fan here. I come in peace.

    My name is Josh and I'm a Browns fan (don't laugh), but I also respect the Ravens. Growing up I rooted for the Browns, but when they moved, I still followed the Ravens from afar. They still had some of my favorite players like Rob Burnett/Anthony Pleasant, Matt Stover, and Vinny. Although the New Browns are CLE's team now, I still follow the Ravens and root for them to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    I'm excited to join the team and respect all fans here, no matter what team they are on. I'm here to talk football in a mature manner and a technical manner; I've read this forum for several years and it's as deep as the Browns forums and other forums I've been on. I will always root for the Ravens whenever they play the Steelers!

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    Re: Browns fan here. I come in peace.

    Welcome to RSR.

    Admin Steve :uk:
    Screwing up Ravens message boards since 1999.

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    Re: Browns fan here. I come in peace.

    Thank you for working with me to get signed up. I hope you have a great holiday :)

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    Re: Browns fan here. I come in peace.

    How dare you come in peace! Now we have to feel bad about stoning you!

    Welcome, Sir.


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