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    A thing of beauty!

    That quick TD drive just before halftime was a true thing of beauty. 69 yards in 35 seconds. Talk about a shift in momentum. Cleveland driving for a TD, missing a FG then giving up a TD in less than a minute. Allowed the Ravens to double dip with a early score after halftime. Game over. Just like in the second game. Late half mistakes killed their entire game.

    The speed of the drive was perfect. Accurate passes to both work the ball down field and save clock time. LJ hitting the open receivers for chunk plays. It had to rip the hearts out of the defense. Receiver after receiver finding the open spots and LJ hitting them perfectly. Like clockwork. One of the best drives Iíve ever seen.

    We run a very slow deliberate offense by design. What if they come up with a fast paced, up tempo set of drives to give defenses another wrinkle to deal with? Run a hurry up all running drive, snapping the ball as fast as they can. Or a all passing set of plays runs at a hurry up pace. Instead of snapping the ball with one second every play left on the play clock snap it with 20 seconds. Defenses will be lucky to just get lined up. No substituting, no time for adjustments and no time to recover their wind from play to play.

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    Re: A thing of beauty!

    Ok sweet...

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    Re: A thing of beauty!

    Lamar looked so confident

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    Re: A thing of beauty!

    I mentioned it in the game thread, how we should all truly appreciate that drive, after literal decades of sitting on the ball or playing for a FG when given the ball with little time left in the half. It was incredible to watch. Sometimes you feel like you need to pinch yourself with this being our offense.

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    Re: A thing of beauty!

    Pinch us & soak it upScreenshot_20200915-205903_Chrome.jpg

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