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    Re: A closer look at Miles Boykin

    Quote Originally Posted by Shas View Post
    I was never a Boykin fan when he was drafted. Well, more precisely, I never bought into the hype.

    Still, I feel like he has been unfairly viewed by many Ravens fans.

    The NFL "hit" rate on first round wide receivers is 27%. Boykin was a third round draft pick.

    Some here talked him up as a future star, and once he was unfairly placed on that pedestal it was a set-up for a whole lot of disappointment. It's less about his "failure" and more about our unjustified expectations.
    Sure, players fail. But then it's okay to acknowledge that they fail. 73% of first round receivers miss. But that doesn't mean Brashad Perriman was any less of a disappointment. He was one of those "fail" guys. A great baseball player makes an out 60% of the time. But that doesn't mean he didn't make an out. He was a failure in that at bat.

    Long way of saying Boykin was/is a failure. If you were expecting him to be the next Jerry Rice, then yeah, your expectations were too high. But if you were expecting a 3rd round receiver to be a contributing part of the passing game -- at least a WR3, getting maybe 500 yards and a few TDs -- that's more than reasonable.

    To date, he still doesn't have 500 yards *in his career* and he's not even playing WR anymore.

    Look at Isaac, Walker, and Tampa. There's a really good shot at least one of them will be a complete bust, and end up playing exclusively special teams or be out of the league in a couple years. But is that what you are expecting from them right now? I expect Isaac to be a rotational pass rusher, and get a couple sacks this year. I expect Walker to get in at least some packages, make some catches, score some points, and contribute to the offense. I expect Tampa to be a starting CB before his rookie contract is over.

    That's not unreasonable. If that's not what you're expecting when you pick these guys, you shouldn't be picking them.
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