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    OT--Evil Hitler a Cowboys fan?

    I know, I know...:ot but Who knew?

    "Unitas was so outraged that he cut all ties to the relocated team. Other prominent old-time Colts followed his lead. After the NFL returned to Baltimore as the Ravens for the 1996 season, Unitas and most of the other old-time Colts regarded THE RAVENS as the TRUE SUCCESSORS of the Baltimore Colts!"

    "I'll show you how to field a respected, competetive baseball team
    if you show me how to be a more effective dictator!
    "--Fidel Castro to Peter Angelos

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    Re: OT--Evil Hitler a Cowboys fan?

    That was a good one-- Funny, Funny stuff.

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    Re: OT--Evil Hitler a Cowboys fan?

    No Hitler stuff . . . . no matter how funny you think it is.
    Screw 'em all

    Proud Member of BASH - Baltimore Association of Steeler Haters


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