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Also think about how Elite we are in the middle if JA. I hated the Mosley and Weddle era and that to this day people still try and defend or give those 2 lead footed under achievers props and acclaim blows my mind. Weddle the player/coach and teacher sure but the aged defender no.
I'll defend them.

Mosley was a very good ILB who would occassionally get beat in coverage. He was above average for his position in the passing game overall - he could hold his own, block passing lanes and occassionally make plays on the ball. The only ILBs at that time who were better were a few smaller, faster guys who couldn't compare to CJ against the run and the big stars, Keuchly and Wagner.

I think the main problem with CJ against the pass was the way Pees used him. He left him out there on 3rd down and played a passive defense with minimal pass rush and asked him to hold up in one on one coverage for far too long. Most ILBs would give up a few first downs in those circumstances.

Weddle was a very good safety who would occassionally get beaten by speed. He didn't just bring leadership. He used his intelligence to get into good positions to cut off lanes, make plays on the ball and to minimise his speed disadvantages. He was slowing down but to say he wasn't good in 16 (He was PFF's top safety) and 17 and still useful in 18 is crazy.

Every player gets beat in coverage from time to time but to let that stick in your mind to the exclusion of all the good things that two consistently good, pro bowl type players did makes no sense. I wonder why our defenses were so good with those two lead footed under achievers leading it?