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Thread: Breonna Taylor

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    Re: Breonna Taylor

    Quote Originally Posted by bacchys View Post
    Breonna Taylor grand jury members say they were not presented with homicide charges

    One juror said specific laws and charges were not explained to them

    More after the cut.

    Good. Cameron basically already violated the secrecy of the grand jury.

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    So they get a new Grand Jury and come to the same decision. It won't be the same people.

    The public wanted to see the Grand Jury evidence.

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    Re: Breonna Taylor

    If they present the same "evidence" it might be the same result.

    The old adage is a good prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. The corollary to that is a good prosecutor can get a No True Bill any time he wants.

    An unfortunate fact is few understand what a grand jury is or what it does. The people on this grand jury apparently didn't know they could compel the prosecutor to present more information to them or get him charged with obstructing a grand jury. Far too often both the people and prosecutors think the grand jury works for the prosecutor and/or a judge, and in practice it bears out because they all believe it. But that's not how it's supposed to be.

    The cops who killed Taylor lied to get the warrant. They lied because they believed there was money in the apartment they could seize. They should be held accountable for this, but they won't because our law enforcement and criminal justice systems are riddled with institutional corruption.

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