We don't have one of these so I thought I'd start one.

I bet there are a lot of good cooks/chefs on this board that might want to share or talk about some of the things they are doing in the kitchen or on the grill.

I also imagine there are a lot people that know of great restaurants and bars and want to share them with other posters.

For me a latent cooking gene has gone off and I've have been making a lot of traditional Asian dishes i.e. Chinese and Thai stir fry as well as popular Indian snacks and curries. I have a recipe for an Indian deep fried chicken appetizer that is out of this world. I first made it and ate it while watching Lamar destroy the Jets and want to post some pics next time I make it. I've been baking a lot too since for my girls because they love having something sweet to snack on when they get back from swim practice.

So I hope this thread can be a good place for the seasoned kitchen pros, enthusiastic novices and power diners to talk about and share what they are eating and making.