From The Athletic:

ĎIím a Ravení: Eric Weddle on retirement, a post-career in Baltimore and Lamar Jacksonís future
By Jeff Zrebiec - 3h ago
Interview format:
Thereís some things that I can do on the side like scouting. (Ravens GM Eric) DeCosta and I always talked about that, whenever I was done, to do some stuff on the West Coast and fly out every few months and meet with them or whatever. Thatís always a possibility right now that I could do that on the side if that offer comes about. Coaching, whether itís NFL or college, itís hard for me to look at those things because Iím just now enjoying retirement. How long is it going to be? I couldnít really tell you. I know that it will be at least a year or two, where I really donít even want to listen to those opportunities because itís not really plausible right now. But I know eventually, Iím going to want to do something and Iím going to want to be the best at it. When the timing is right, where that avenue will take me, weíll see. But all those things that you mentioned, coaching, management, they are all options. It just depends on where I want to see myself.

Q: Letís go with a hypothetical. DeCosta and/or John Harbaugh ask you to work for the Ravens in some capacity. When the time comes, is that something that could interest you?

Of course. Thereís no doubt. Everybody knows how much I loved that place and how much joy and happiness it brought, and how much I tried to give to them. I think they admire that and how I helped that organization and team to build what it is now. I had a strong hand in a lot of those guys. Thatís obviously something that is there, and of course, Iíd be open and honored to have those conversations if they ever happen.

I don't want to steal ALL of Zerb's thunder. Some of the other questions are: toughest QB he ever faced, how do you reply to people who say that Lamar's play isn't sustainable, best teammate, what do the Ravens have to do to get to the SB, etc. Weddle is forthright and engaging. Fun read.