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    MVP vs quarterback

    This is what I was saying exactly on several posts. Not sure about all of it but Shannon is right. Lamar is believing the hype and tried too much instead of being the qb and trusting his teammates. Coaching was bad but Lamar needs to grow from this

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    Re: MVP vs quarterback

    I saw this. I donít think that Lamar did it maliciously. As in, I donít think he did it selfishly. As in, I donít think that he entered this game with the mindset that he was going to do it himself. I think that, like GreatWhiteNorthRaven said earlier, he saw the interception and the Roberts dropped pass and started trying to do it all himself.

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    Re: MVP vs quarterback

    When ravens were down to browns did Lamar try to do it himself or he just played like he always did hitting wide open guys


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