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    Help with Offensive posts

    TheBrainDeadRaven is banned due to his offensive posts.

    But please, PLEASE, just report offensive posts, don't respond to them and please especially don't quote them. It causes a lot more clean up to remove all of the crap spewed by assholes like this.

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    Re: Help with Offensive posts

    Sorry. It's one of those things where you drive by a terrible accident and just assume someone already phoned 911.

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    Re: Help with Offensive posts

    will do
    thanks for le moderation
    "Nothing stops these Baltimore Ravens. Beat them, injure them, shove them to the bottom of the standings, drag them into a hostile environment and mount a big lead, and they just keep trudging forward like nothing fazes them." (Bleacher Report)

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    Re: Help with Offensive posts

    Our beloved Ravens have so much offense this year that even our posts are more offensive 😂


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