This is a fabulous read. How two great football brains forged a partnership that led to 65,000 passing yards and 450+ TDs:

The Secret Sauce Behind the Drew Brees–Sean Payton Relationship That Rewrote the NFL Record Books
By Robert Mays Jan 2, 2020
During the Saints’ bye week in 2006, Payton and then–offensive coordinator Doug Marrone were walking past the team’s practice field when they saw a lone figure doing drills near the far end zone. “We’re like, ‘Who the fuck is out here throwing the football?’” Marrone says. “And as we get closer, we’re like, ‘Holy shit, it’s Brees. What the hell is he doing?’” They approached the quarterback, and Brees explained that he didn’t want to lose his rhythm during the off week. “He goes, ‘I’m playing a game in my mind. I’m going through a game, so I’ll never forget,’” Marrone says. “Sean looks at him and goes, ‘Well, Jesus, I hope we’re going to win that fucking game.’”