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  1. Bowden and Perry on TV today

    I think that the Ravens could use another running QB, one who can play another position.

    Belk Bowl has Kentucky QB Lynn Bowden, who ran for 1235 yards, had 330 yards passing, 348 receiving and kick and punt return yardage - all this year. AP All American at all purpose. He just returned the kick and is now at QB.

    Liberty Bowl has Navy QB Malcolm Perry, who ran for 1804 yards so far this year.

    Both guys are fast running QBs like Lamar Jackson. As good a QB as Lamar? No, but we're looking for someone who can do Lamar's running almost as well as Lamar, a top tier runner at the QB spot, and someone who can do more in the smaller, faster Taysom Hill kind of way. A day 3 type.

  2. Re: Bowden and Perry on TV today

    Kentucky QB Bowden ran 34 times for 233 yards 2TDs 6.9 yards per carry. Kentucky won 37-30.

    At the half, Malcolm Perry has 13 runs for 81 yards, needing 36 to break the all time NCAA single season rushing record for a QB, 1920 yards, held by Jordan Lynch. If he has a huge 2nd half, 2000 yards is possible.

    Also, after this game, Alamo Bowl, with Texas QB Sam Ehlinger. Another QB, a bigger Tebow type, 230-235 pounds who might possibly be a FB/TE/H-B in the NFL, he has over 500 yards rushing this year, also has been catching passes as a QB.

  3. Re: Bowden and Perry on TV today

    Perry did have a huge 2nd half, did set the record, did exceed 2000 yards rushing in a single season.

    Shatters the old single season NCAA rushing record by a QB. 28 carries, 213 yards 7.6 yards per carry.

    Maryland has set some new single season NCAA rushing records in the last couple of weeks.

    Baltimore, Maryland - NFL - Ravens - Lamar Jackson - new NFL single season QB rushing record - 1206

    Annapolis, Maryland - NCAA - Midshipment - Malcolm Perry - new NCAA single season QB rushing record - 2017

    Seems to me that the Ravens definitely should get Malcolm Perry. Seems right. A very busy Taysom Hill type. In the QB room, in the special teams room, doing the appropriate offense stuff that Taysom Hill does.

    The same things can be said about Bowden. Combine and/or Pro Day numbers are important. Both Perry and Bowden (and Khalil Tate) should be invited to the combine, would want to see what their official numbers are. I like Perry because local, because the Ravens did bring in Keenan Reynolds so they've shown a willingness to do that with Navy running QBs, it seems right with the Ravens.

  4. Re: Bowden and Perry on TV today

    Erlinger was good today, Texas romped 38-10 Erlinger is coming back to Texas though for next year. good running day, 11 carries 73 yards 1 TD, long run of 31. Good day passing as well 12/18 201 11.2 3 1. FB sized QBs are a little more rare. Good in short yardage situations.

    Espn had a lot of good running QBs today, they broke a lot of records.

  5. Re: Bowden and Perry on TV today

    Perry is in the East West Shrine Bowl today. Just ran for a 52 yard TD. Good stuff. The Ravens should get him.


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