For the past month & a half+ I have been trying to find Ravens Tickets for my son & 3 of his friends for November 19th. (This is actually the only present he asked for on his 21st Birthday which is the same day as the game!) I have even arranged for a chauffer driven ride to and from the stadium. And one of my co-workers (a BIG Ravens fan & supporter) assured me several weeks back that he should be able to come up with the 4 tickets I would need.

Guess what?

The man has come up short on the tickets. Any tickets! I just found this out just yesterday. He said that he has been trying, but also said it was a lot harder than he anticipated. Hell, I knew it was hard weeks ago. But, I trusted him to be able to come through. My bad. I should have kept trying other sources, but .....well you know how it is at times. Boy am I in hot water, now. Anyway, this is an APB for tickets - any tickets (4 would be great bu 2 pairs will be fine, too) for THIS COMING SUNDAY\'s game vs. the Falcons.

My son is expecting me to come through for him on this, his 21st birthday, and I am now directly behind the proverbial 8-ball. Just remember....I am not a rich guy, these days. SO, if you know or know of anyone, or anyone who knows anyone who can help me in my time of desperate need, please get them in touch with me. (Via this e-mail address: or by calling me at the numbers shown below.)

Please help if you can. Gratefully yours, Kevin McGraw 410-208-4110 / 443-373-9831