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Thread: Wrasslin'

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    Rowdy Roddy Piper is the only guy who can talk smack and bring the Million Dollar man down to earth. This was too funny!

    The wife put her hand on her knee for healing and the husband on his crotch.

    Wife: "Husband the pastor can only do healing miracles, not raise the dead!"

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    Re: Wrasslin'

    Well, Hell officially froze over! CM Punk is back in WWE. Never thought it would happen. (Yeah yeah, I know they say "never say never" but even he said he'd never go back"

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    Re: Wrasslin'

    I'm dying at how dumb Tony Khan is and continues to be. This dude Daniel Garcia causes 100-200k viewers to dip out EVERY SINGLE TIME he is on TV. Yet he is on TV EVERY WEEK?! His match with Copeland was just shy of being the lowest rated segment on Dynamite Wednesday and I'm pretty sure it ain't because of Edge.

    I don't even watch AEW anymore honestly. I follow it thru social media but the show has gotten so horrible I have no enthusiasm or interest in it and instead of doing things to reverse the downward trend, they're doubling down on the stupidity. At least WWE has been straight fire lately.

    I want to hate that the Young Bucks are going to retire Sting but I know that's something he chose, so I'm not going to be critical of it if that's what he wants.
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