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    Sika of The Wild Samoans passed away.
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    Re: Wrasslin'

    AEW has *officially* entered WCW terrritory with this one. This is one of the few legitimate money matches they have (I understand that some people don't like Ospreay's style, but it's extremely likely this is a very good match)...I would buy a PPV to watch this match personally, and I haven't bought an AEW PPV since Punk left. And they are giving it away on free TV apparently in a clear play to pop a rating. 99 WCW vibes for real.

    Tony doesn't really advertise something and not deliver so I doubt it's a bait and switch. Hope the rating is worth taking the mystique off an All In level main event. You can only do this the first time once. Just reeks of desperation on their part.

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