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    Access/Technical Issue

    Starting last night (or maybe this morning), I was unable to see any posts through Tapatalk. I could see the subforums, but none of the posts. I then went to Chrome, and I got a warning of a security error where the security certificate did not match the URL (whatever that means).

    The issues are persisting at this time. I just wanted to make sure someone saw it in case others are having this issue and make sure ya'll are aware.


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    Re: Access/Technical Issue

    We are aware of it. We have an issue with the SSL certificate for the site. You can click through it and you should be fine. There are no security issues i.e. this isn't your online bank account.

    We'll have it fixed presently.

    Sorry about this.
    Admin Steve :uk:
    Screwing up Ravens message boards since 1999.


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