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    Go UK

    A follow up. Thanks to the advice of the Ravens fans here, I was able to catch the December 29th game via the "Internets" in damp, dreary Hampshire. It was a pleasure watching Shitesburgh lose, while drinking delicious pints of Ringwood. Plus, I enjoyed playing computer solitaire during the time outs.

    While in England, by the way, I enjoyed my first EPL match (Portsmouth v. Middlesboro). I guess it's Portsmouth, but that was like going to Sunday Church compared to the Vault. What, no beer! I did have a nice steamy cup of beef broth, though.

    Remember, let us know when you travel to Baltimore, so we can hook you up with a nice tailgate.


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    Re: Go UK

    That is a pretty good word to sum up the way things are going over here.
    You would not believe the amount of rain we are having.The increase in gas,electricity and petrol,and alcohol.etc etc

    Hope you enjoyed yourself though,and that if we should visit in the future you will read it here in the UKRavens forum first.I am sure some opposing fans visiting M&T somewhere in the future will bite the celery again.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Go UK

    Thanks Dunk - only wish we were in a position to do more for you.
    Pompey v Mid. isn't the biggest game around - I hope it taught you that NFL is about 100 times better than soccer.


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