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Watched that too, then youtube suggested some show with Lavar Arrington, Eric Dickerson, and TJ Whosyourmamma.

Went from completely stoked to incredibly pissed.

How do some of these ex players even get paid for their shit takes on things when they don't even know who they're talking about? In the first 2 minutes (before I got pissed and turned it off) they all said Watson is clearly better. Okay, he's been in the league and proved himself, but then Dickerson starts in and literally says "Ozzie Smith drafted DeShawn Watson....blah, blah, blah." No one corrects him they he proceeds to say "Lavaar Jackson..."
I mean Lavaar Arrington is sitting right there and you'd think HE'D at least pick up on it....it's your freaking name jackass, but no, nobody says anything. Couldn't take it and turned it off.
Didn't Ozzie Smith backhand a ball hit in the hole and fire to first to get the runner?