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    Re: Greta Thunburg and the "climate crisis"

    Quote Originally Posted by bossofataka View Post
    I’ll find you the nazi connections and racsim mishaps tomorrow,getting late here.
    Finding things about SD in english seems difficult, outside of wikipedia, but that englisg version actually points out many of the controversies about them. So I suggest you check that out.
    I mean they´re not exactly a world player now are they, but I´ll translate a little about them, so you know what this "smart and super sexy (really...?) girl" is aligned with.

    They were created from a couple of nazi and white supremacist groups in 1988-ish. They were led by a nazi for the first years. Their symbol was up until 2006 a swedish version of UK:s National Front, a fringe far right facist and nazi party. They used to be aligned with guys like David Duke for example... So thats their roots... Now, one shouldn´t always condemn for that, but most of the partys top people joined while they still paraded side by side with nazis...
    Undercover reporters recorded them singing white supremacist music and such like 10 years ago, the same people that run the party today.
    And they regularly expel representatives, to this day, that get caught usinf aliases online, or get recored etc, expressing extreme racist, anti semitic and homofobic views. Of course they know about all this, it´s jsut to look "good" they expel people when it gets out in the open.

    So if youre looking for conservative allies in Sweden, I´d choose somebody else.

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    Re: Greta Thunburg and the "climate crisis"

    Quote Originally Posted by bossofataka View Post
    But, like all alt right, they use the internet to spread their lies and propaganda. Quite successfully sadly. Paint the world in black and white, offer simple solutions, or just whine about how baaad everything is and simplify and you’ll get some following. They also use bots and trolls and ”alternative real news”-sites like all good ”I’m-absolutley-Not-racist-buuuut...”-right wingers do.
    Are you really trying to say that only the right does this? The left doesn't at all? You lose all credibility when you talk like that.

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    Re: Greta Thunburg and the "climate crisis"

    Quote Originally Posted by BPF2 View Post
    You lose all credibility when you talk.


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