I can see where they have their place. So long as we beat in mind that there is much they do not take into consideration. Not all blocks are the same. Not all assignments have the same level of difficulty. Not all blocks are equal in importance. Not every play is meant to go for a touchdown. Some plays are only designed to get a few more yards on third and long, to set up a closer FG. Or to get a short gain to get a defense thinking about it, to set up a bigger play later. Not every lineman has the same level of responsibility. Injuries are largely an unknown to us, in how they impact players in-game. We see an injury report, but it lacks detail. We donít always know if thereís a post snap read a WR is supposed to make that he doesnít, or if the WR specifically tells the QB that he likes the ball in a certain spot, in a certain situation.

Letís learn, but keep perspective.