housebound and bored. getting old so I get to thinking about the past
so here's my thoughts on best qbs by franchise (since 1960s)

AFC East
PATS: whatshisname; Steve Grogan; Drew Bledsoe (IIRC he led them to a SB under Parcells)
JETS: Namath was the only stud they ever had imho. I think Richard Todd won some games in the Sack Exchange days.
BILLS: Jim Kelly. Joe Ferguson, back in the day.
DOLPHINS: Dan Marino of course, and Bob Greise. thats about it.
AFC North
PIGSBURGH: Bradshaw and Roethlisberg (holds nose)
BROWNS: Bernie Kosar. not much to pick from otherwise. Brian Sipe? Mike Phipps?
RAVENS: Flacco and Lamar.
BENGALS: pretty good legacy; Boomer Esiason, Ken Anderson, Carson Palmer
AFC South
COLTS: Peyton, Unitas, Bert Jones. Luck was a worthy successor; too bad he's gone.
TITANS/OILERS: Warren Moon, Dan Pastorini, Steve McNair. (that wasn't hard)
JAGS: Mike Brunell. think David Garrard beat Pigsburgh in a playoff game so we'll mention him. Ravens really wanted Byron Leftwich who turned out to be a major bust.
TEXANS: Matt Shaub. David Carr the only other with serious playing time.
AFC West
CHARGERS: Dan Fouts, Phillip Rivers. cred to Stan Humphries, only one to get them to the SB. (Johnny U started a few games for them!)
CHIEFS: Len Dawson and not much else to choose from. Trent Green? Alex Smith? not much postseason joy.
RAIDERS: Ken Stabler, Jim Plunkett, Rich Gannon. not bad. Derek Carr will probly be in the mix.
BRONCOS: Elway. Brian Griese I guess. lots of retreads (Flacco, Craig Morton, Charlie Johnson).
NFC East
GIANTS: Phil Simms, Eli Manning. Kerry Collins was originally a Panther but he put in his best five seasons here, going to the SB.
COWBOYS: Staubach, Aikman, Danny White, Tony Romo. quite a lineup.
EAGLES: Ron Jaworski (originally a Ram) gets my pick (started a SB). Donovan McNabb (also started a SB) and Randall Cunningham
SKINS: I'd say Theismann, but wouldn't argue with Jurgensen supporters. Doug Williams and Gus Frerotte won some games (Williams a SB).
NFC North
VIKINGS: Fran Tarkenton, Tommy Kramer, Dante Culpepper, Wade Wilson. Gannon was originally a Viking
PACKERS: Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Aaron Rogers, in chronological order. easy one.
LIONS: um. Matt Stafford as much as anyone. back in the day, Greg Landry (briefly a Baltimore Colt)
BEARS: surprisingly poor showing considering the franchise's legacy. Jim McMahon won their only SB and was as good as anybody for a few years. Jay Cutler won some games. long ago, U MD grad Bob Avellini started there.
NFC South
SAINTS: I'm old school, so I'll take Archie Manning over Drew Brees (who won a SB). Bobby Hebert deserves mention.
FALCONS: Matt Ryan. after that, Chris Miller, Steve Bartkowski, Chris Chandler...not a SB win in the bunch.
BUCS: Rob Johnson won their SB. they also had Vinny, Dilfer, Josh Freeman, Steve SBs there.
PANTHERS: Cam Newton. Kerry Collins and Jake Delhomme won a few games.
NFC West
49ers: Montana and Young, and they had them at the same time. back in the day, John Brodie.
SEAHAWKS: Russell Wilson (SB winner). back in the day, Jim Zorn and Dave Kreig. Matt Hasselback deserves mention.
CARDINALS: Jim Hart, back in the Coryell days. they had Jake Plummer. anyone remember Neil Lomax? could have been great with any kind of team around him.
RAMS: Kurt Warner. Jim Everett won some games. back in the day, Pat Haden. further back, Roman Gabriel. (Marc Bulger and Tony Banks were Rams before they were Ravens).

any post-de-facto QB controversies here?