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  1. Help me be the cool uncle!!!!

    Hi...I have never gone to a NFL game before (more of a hockey guy) My 10 and 6 yr old nephews (and their mom/dad) and my wife and I are going to the Sept 15th game. What can we do prior to the game to make it a great experience for everyone and something my nephews will remember. How far in advance should we arrive....we will be driving from Laurel and I'm guessing its best to reserve parking. Any tips is greatly appreciated, ty in advance....

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    Re: Help me be the cool uncle!!!!

    Ravens Walk is tailor made for 10 & 6 year olds. Check it out at If you do, try to get there around 11 am.

    re parking, I'd recommend a parking garage north of the baseball stadium, then walk down via Ravens Walk. You'll save money and should be able to maneuver around the post-game traffic chaos. Check out parking at Alternative, if you want simple, fastest exit, but nothing for the kids and quite expensive, park at the Casino Garage.

    As a newbie to Ravens game, you may want to consider the alternative of Light Rail from BWI (limited free parking) or Cromwell. Exit the Convention Center station to walk through the OPCY Warehouse to Ravens Walk. Crowded trains, but no driving/parking hassles and much, much cheaper. MARC runs on Sundays as well, but it's more complicated.
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  3. Re: Help me be the cool uncle!!!!

    Thank you very much..greatly appreciated

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    Re: Help me be the cool uncle!!!!

    I can't give any advice on the actual question, but you might get more feedback if you post in the main section. A lot of regular attendees there.


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