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It's overblown. It really is. Lamar will be fine
To be clear, I think Lamar is fine. It's just that the title of the thread is "Wobble," people are trying to wrap their heads around what wobble is and what effect it has, and I was merely trying to add to that discussion. If I'd found a nice thorough explanation of wobble somewhere else on the web I would've just posted a link to it, but I didn't find one, so I decided to post my own. It's less about Lamar and more about quarterbacking in general. And it's not like every diehard fan has to understand the mechanics of throwing a football, but for those who do want to understand it, when they come to a thread called "Wobble" that tries to break down what wobble is over a 5 part OP, maybe they might want to learn what actually causes wobble and what effects it has on the game.