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    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    New evidence has recently come to light about King's adulterous ways. Most of these have been public knowledge for a while and it has never really tarnished his reputation; President Kennedy was having sex with anything in a skirt and America still reveres him as well. This new audio file, however, is deeply disturbing. In it King can be heard laughing and encouraging the rape of a young woman in a hotel room by one of his peers, Logan Kearse, a pastor from Baltimore. "When one of the women protested that she did not approve of this, the Baptist minister immediately and forcibly raped her".

    Other noteworthy items are how King hid 10k dollars gifted to him by a member of the Communist Party (CPUSA), and how he forced a prostitute (he didn't know she was one) to continue having an orgy with his friends, including singer Clara Ward.

    Read this article. It includes some rather interesting facts about the number of informants in hate groups of the 60's like the KKK and Black Panthers.

    Does this article change my views on Dr. King, whom I have long been an admirer of? Not really. Like previously stated most people already knew he was sleeping around and accept it because that's just what powerful men did back then. The rapes should be known about, though. It shows a more evil side of King, that he was a flawed man who nevertheless tried to make the world better. Ultimately it should be King's vision of equality and brotherhood among all races that defines his legacy instead of his evil.
    "A moron, a rapist, and a Pittsburgh Steeler walk into a bar. He sits down and says, Hi Im Ben may I have a drink please?

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    Re: Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Definitely makes me look at him a little differently.

    BUt the main take way for me, is no matter how good we think anyone is, we all have something that says otherwise.
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    Re: Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I think its important to look at a figure like King and see him for what he represents.

    Hes one of those rare people who helped change the world. Hes as significant in world history as people like Moses and Abraham Lincoln. Seriously. He was put on this earth for a reason and his purpose was extremely important.

    Hes a flawed human and he made awful mistakes. However, those mistakes dont change his accomplishments.

    darb is 100% correct... Ultimately it should be King's vision of equality and brotherhood among all races that defines his legacy instead of his evil.

    I wish he were alive today.


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