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Thread: Pernell McPhee?

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    Re: Pernell McPhee?

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    3 years. They actually structured the deal so they could get out of it in 3 years.
    Still way overpaid.

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    Re: Pernell McPhee?

    From what I have seen on tape Pernell Mcphee doesnt look washed up at all. This guy may still be good especially if he stays healthy.

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    Re: Pernell McPhee?

    Quote Originally Posted by JAB1985 View Post
    likely low risk signing, but i dont see high reward as likely either. McPhee was quick for a bigger guy, but his quickness seems to have been sapped by injuries and hes now just a body out there. He does know the culture here, so theres that, but I dont see him having a big role and IMO is a bubble player despite our need at OLB. we should still be looking for another more likely to have an impact, imo.

    im not mad at the signing, but I think this is better as a secondary signing as depth rather than a first and expected contributor.
    That is what I've heard too. He was never the quickest guy here even before the injury the writeups I've read indicate he looked like he's lost a ton of athleticism.

    Hard to stick at OLB without a certain amount of speed in todays NFL. As the saying goes speed kills well the same applies for a lack of speed.


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