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    Re: How should we spend Flacco's money?

    I understand the sudden urge to spend like a sailor on shore leave. But over the next couple years, the greatest kicker in the NFL is coming due for a new contract. So is our starting LT. So is our #1 cornerback. And our best pass rusher. And our best Dlineman.

    So whether or not they pay Z Smith and Mosley this year, they are going to have some big contracts coming up. How would I like to see them spend the Joe savings? By structuring those big contracts in a flatter way, and making sure we are not butting up against the cap every year. And by then being able to keep at least some of our homegrown FAs (the Kruger/McPhee/Wagner/Jensen types) around for a second contract.

    Continue to bring in decent value FAs to fill holes as necessary, but good teams don't go out and drop shitloads of money on overpriced FAs.
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    Re: How should we spend Flacco's money?

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