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Thread: 2019 O's

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    Re: 2019 O's

    If the O's would have any kind of legitimate relief pitching - they would be much closer to .500 - the games the 'closers' have thrown away is really upsetting.

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    Re: 2019 O's

    54 Wins in 2019 - 7 more than 2018. If there were any relief pitching it could have been much better.

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    Re: 2019 O's

    Bullpen had to be about the worst there could be.Starting wasn't much better outside of Means and perhaps Bundy somewhat.But they really developed some hitting prospects at the big league level with Santander, Nunez, Alberto and perhaps Hays and Severino. Mancini and Villar both came into their own as either major pieces of the team or valued trade chips.

    And not far away we have Mountcastle and McCoy who could both be here next year.

    This lineup has really progressed and could be one of the better ones around in 2020, but they may have to trade some of it for pitching which seems to be lagging, both at the majors and minor league level.


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