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    Re: 2019 Off-Season "Around The League" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Rygar64 View Post
    So much of the "gray area" around these cases comes from the victims' willingness to speak or cooperate with the investigation conducted by law enforcement or the NFL. All kinds of factors then come into play and sometimes the victim of the abuse winds up being judged harshly as well, which contributes to the wide range of punishments. The cynic in me then starts to envision scenarios where things like whether the player has already gotten a second contract or not come into play. In the case of Tyreek, he hasn't and so the fiance MIGHT be less inclined to cooperate and thus cost herself/her kid future contract dollars. In the case of Jimmy, he already got paid and his income baseline is established, so less danger of affecting child support payments. Or maybe Jimmy's other run-ins with the law played a factor? Maybe Tyreek's fiance's public image played a factor? I don't know...they just can't get this right...but damn, I thought they could at least get closer to consistency especially when they have so called "proof" of intent or conversations.
    I can agree with this. Now this woman will wait for that big new contract before starting up for more child support. She saw that gravy train ending if he got kicked out of the league. I really hope the NFL is right about this.

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    Re: 2019 Off-Season "Around The League" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    good stuff and I agree about Federer. After that grueling match that and his post-game interview I posted: The Federer interview is a lesson on losing with dignity.

    total class act

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