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    Viewing from work

    This really isn't a big deal, but sometimes viewing from work (I know I probably shouldn't do that anyway) I find myself reading a good post and someone will tap me on the shoulder and say I might want to minimize that because of some "scantily clad" female's picture on the post somewhere. I had mostly gotten past all that by blocking some of the sig's of posters, but with this board having larger avatars even they are becomming an issue now. Thank God I am using the adblock extention for Firefox to clean that up, but some people don't have that luxury if they're forced to use IE.

    Like I said no big deal, just a thought....

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    Re: Viewing from work

    Our rule is PG13 ish. Nothing vulgar or rude.
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    Re: Viewing from work

    Good, because I view this website from work on my breaks to see what's happening and any breaking news


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